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A Lush Gastronomical Adventure Brought Together By Three of Singapore’s Best Loved Culinary Brands

SINGAPORE – 6th May 2019, Wednesday, Tenderbest Makcik Market, as it is affectionately named brings to mind a gaggle of sharp-witted Malay-speaking haggling aunties in a wet market. What awaits you however, is an oasis of Insta-ready greenery and a free spirited dining layout that sings with reggae neon esprit de corps yet oozes with effortless Scandinavian cosiness. The food, glorious food is practised such that any makcik worth her salt, or rather her rempah, will surely approve for the table in her own home.

A Case of More Cooks Makes It Work: Collaboration by Tenderfresh, Asyura Paste & Mr. Teh Tarik

Should the name Tenderbest rings too close to Tenderfresh, that is because it is an offspring of the latter! Together with its fully famous fried spring chicken that is ubiquitous with everyday gastronomical indulgence in the heartlands across Singapore, Tenderbest Makcik Market pulls together an ambitious 400+ menu that promises everything that you could hope for in a makan session.

from left: Mr Jimmy Soh, Madam Norhuda Rabani, Mr Kerry Mock

Founder of Tenderfresh Group, Mr Jimmy Soh said, “We would like to be a completely statement-making rojak! While we have three core partners, this concept is actually powered by seven brands: Tenderbest, Asyura Paste, Mr Teh Tarik, Hawkerman , Nasi Coco, Feesh & Chips by The Sea Salt Society and Luckee. We brought together best-in-class expertise, made sure there are no fights in the kitchen and cooked to our hearts content. The result is passionate perfection: plain for all to see!”

Getting such a vast menu to work magic everyday is no easy feat but it is made possible, even fun because Tenderfresh has the support of the makciks, or rather, firm kakis in the form of Asyura Paste and Mr Teh Tarik both who have been a firm fixture of the local F&B scene for decades.

“Sauces play such an important part to make dishes come alive in a way that is shiok. A dish made without the right paste lacks soul. Asyura Paste’s commitment to this concept is that we have been a specialist paste manufacturer making over a hundred different kind of pastes that you would use in curries and even lately popular dishes like salted egg anything!

This is the first time that Asyura Paste has taken the leap from being a supplier to the restaurant operators to actually partaking in F&B operations directly with the diner. It is exciting and daunting but with the right paste, we believe that Tenderfresh Makcik Market will hit all the right notes and be successful,” says Mdm Norhuda Rabani, founder and CEO of home-grown halal paste manufacturer, Asyura Paste Pte Ltd.

What is a makcik without a good encik?

Tenderfresh is also fully enjoying the seasoned experience of Mr Teh Tarik whose fluffy roti parts and roti johns are the stuff of heartlander legends. Encik Kerry Mock from Mr Teh Tarik Group says, “Singaporeans are actually very kampung people at heart. No matter how posh their environment has become, they are simple and social people at heart. I see this everyday where some of the best conversations and gatherings that friends and families have are actually over a simple breakfast of piping hot teh tarik and roti prata.

Besides the strong menu, what I hope that Tenderfresh Makcik Market will do is to be known for an unpretentious yet on-trend, air-conditioned inclusive dining concept for the halal market that has something for everyone in a menu that is inspired by all the races in Singapore.”

Media Invitation: How to Enjoy Food Like a True Makcik

Tenderfresh is rolling out the red carpet for makciks and the media alike.

Come here posh or nosh and you will be treated like a rockstar feeling normal. The concept is self-service which is actually fun because bill-splitting is a thing of the past with 16 friends and you get to squeeze as much chilli sauce as you want from the condiment bar. What’s more, while waiting for the food to be freshly cooked, you are free to roam around the 4500sqf restaurant and take all the Instagram almost-famous mood shots with family and friends.

This is where reading about it should be followed by trying it. If you are already in receipt of this press release, you will qualify for our one-time pass as a member of the much respected media to our cozy den. Conversations are important so we will organise joint media sessions even around media rivals so that you can have a true-class makcik experience.

To find out about our upcoming media session so you get to write about us as soon as possible, makciks are Singapore’s #1 word-of-mouth talents, do drop an email of love food interest to

Tenderbest Makcik Market look forward to your support today and forevermore.



Address: 799 Upper Changi Road, #02-01, Bedok Point, Singapore 467351

Business Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm daily.

Prices: Starting from S$4.90. (No Service Charge. GST inclusive)

Total Seating Capacity: 152pax

Facebook | Instagram: tenderfreshsg

Additional info: MUIS Halal Certified | Walk-in only. No reservation

For more information on Tenderbest Makcik Market:

Aric Tan | Senior Manager, Strategic Planning

Tenderfresh Fried & BBQ Chicken Pte Ltd | Email:

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