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Delivering delicious to your doorsteps.

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Corporate Bentos

We offer a diverse range of menu options from our signature Western fares & Fried Chicken to Asian flavours and local fares.


If you require any customisation for your event, please let us know and our team would be happy to assist.

Call or Whatsapp : 9792 6969

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* 10% off for 2 Bento, 20% off for 4 Bentos. Valid for take out only
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* 10% off for 2 Bento, 20% off for 4 Bentos. Valid for take out only. Menu varies from outlets.
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400+ menu featuring Halal Tze Char menu from Asyura Paste, Tenderfresh's fried & BBQ Chicken and Mr Teh Tarik group's signature Teh Tarik, Pratas and Nasi Goreng.

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With 9 sedap-licious stalls serving up delicious hawkerfare, there's something for everyone!


Haig Road

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Ready to eat

Our Western Food Essential range have been the solution for many restaurants, caterers and BBQ parties. Made with our trusted recipes for over 40 years and present in food grade sealed bags for your convenience.

Now you can order them at wholesale price to consume them at the convenience at your home during this period.

*Free delivery with min spend $200 
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