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Why join Kedai Kopi?


For our tenant partner, our coffeeshop represents the ultimate platform to grow a food brand and build consumer exposure. Kedai Kopi seeks to make a positive impact in the local eating scene by providing a diverse & exceptional dining experiences, opportunities for hawkerpreneurs and a community gathering place. 


Kedai Kopi is a collaboration between tenderfresh & Kimly Ltd, one of the largest traditional coffeeshop operators in Singapore with more than 33 years of experience. The Group operates and manages an extensive network of 85 food outlets and 181 food stalls across the heartlands of Singapore. 

Combining the experience and expertise from both group, tenants can be rest assured that they are working with one of the best coffeeshop operators in town.


During these uncertain times, we desire to see your business thrive. We’re inviting YOU to build your culinary brand presence in a low-risk, high reward venture WITHOUT extreme overhead.

Kedai Kopi gives hawkerpreneurs the opportunity to test and grow a food concept WITHOUT considerable investment like furnitures and renovation cost. A presence in our coffeeshop offers your business benefits with low entry level expenses and great exposure.


At Kedai Kopi, our tenants mingle and hang out with each other. Everyone knew everyone, and the sense of community was strong. Apart from savouring each other's good food, we share our culinary experience, know-how and resources. Today we could learn from you on how to make a better kopi, tomorrow we might be sharing with you on how to fried a better chicken!

Join our Kampung!

With the positive response from everyone, we are pleased to inform our fans that we would be developing more 'KEDAI KOPI" around the island and actively looking for potential partners to join our kampung.


We are looking for tenants who share the same passion in serving good food at affordable value to the community. However do note that we required all of our tenants to be Halal certified or 100% Muslim owned, no compromise on it ( sorry we do not accept "no pork no lard" )


We hope to invite cuisines like Japanese, Korean, Thai, Mala Tang, Nasi Padang and we welcome new and interesting concept too! ( we are the one who came up with crazy dish like Fried Chicken Ice Cream & Bandung Yakult after all )

Please fill up the form below to register your interest and let us understand you better so that we could arrange for a kopi session for discussion and we could share more information like exact location and details. 


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Is your current brand
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