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Kedai Kopi Confirms 2nd outlet!

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

When we first conceptualise Kedai Kopi, we were not sure how everyone would respond to it. We have kept asking ourselves if we should have done a duplicate our successful model in Tenderbest Makcik Market or Hawkerman instead of a coffeeshop for the same space? Was it right to break away from the traditional coffeeshop frame to not serve alcohol and requested all of our tenants to be 100% Muslim owned or halal certified?

Our opening was an incredible success, thanks to everyone’s support, our tenants who have been fighting hard to deliver the food at awesome quality and of course our team who have gone the extra mile to make this happen. The reviews and happy face was the best reward we have received.

We are pleased to announce that we have accepted an invitation to open our second Kedai Kopi somewhere in the eastern part of Singapore. That’s right Easties, WE ARE COMING TO YOU SOON!

More details will be share soon, but we would like to take the chance to share that we are looking for both new tenants and staffs for our expansion.


We’re a community obsessed with creating a fun place where food connects people, no matter what culture they come from.

The next location will be catered more to dinner/supper crowd and we are hoping to invite cuisines like Japanese, Korean, Thai, Mala Tang, Tze Char and we welcome new and interesting concept too ( we are the one who came up with crazy dish like Fried Chicken Ice Cream & Bandung Yakult afterall )


Click here to find out more and register your interest with us.

Do note that we would required all of our tenants to be either 100% Muslim owned or MUIS Halal certified.

Kedai Kopi is a collaboration project by tenderfresh group & Kimly Ltd.

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