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Founded in 1979, Tenderfresh™ Group is a homegrown food and beverage company that has grown to a leading and established western food operator, food material supplier and one of the major Halal food retailers, supplier and wholesalers. Grown from a single well-loved local food concept specializing in lip-smacking fried or roasted spring chickens and chicken wings, today the Group managed 24 brands and 73 outlets, with concepts ranging from western fares and traditional local cuisines to food kiosk, retails and OEM manufacturing across Singapore and Myanmar.

Since its early beginnings, Tenderfresh has enjoyed very strong support from the local franchise community. A good proportion of its growth has been a result of successful local franchise expansion. The expansion of these brands and its strong presence in almost every neighbourhood estate firmly established Tenderfresh as a household name.

Strong presence in local F&B market

tenderfresh needs no introduction to heart-landers in Singapore. Being part of tenderfresh group means that you don’t need to start from scratch and you get to leverage on their reputation and establishments. 

Excellent logistics team

tenderfresh group is a one-stop shop for any small-time business owners. Every ingredient that you need for your franchised outlet can be supplied from their central kitchen. 

Proven track record of building successful franchised units

Working with franchisees is nothing new to tenderfresh. In fact, tenderfresh has helped many aspiring business owners to achieve their dreams of owning an F&B outlet

Experienced franchise management team

With over 40 years of experience, tenderfresh has ample know-how to assist you on every aspect of the business. You are not alone on the road to being a successful business owner because there is a team of people supporting you on your franchise journey

Simple Operations

As a franchisee, you only have to carry out simple preparations work because all of the heavy preparation work will be done by our central kitchen.

Wide range of customers

tenderfresh creates good quality staple food that anyone will eat on a daily basis. Be it young or old, tenderfresh has something to offer to everyone. Furthermore, being halal certified allows you to reach out to an even wider range of customers, which translates to more sales for you.

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