Why franchise from us?
  1. We have the knowledge and expertise.
  2. Variety of concept to chose from 
  3. Reasonable investment and fast ROI
  4. Rent friendly as size requirement is smaller
  5. Offering universal accepted product capable of further adapting to local  taste and preference
  6. Own a business without the fear of lacking of experience 
  7. A tested and proven system more the 150 outlets
  8. Benefit from our team  member who are passionate about REAL GOOD FOOD 
Our Support
  1. 1 stop service as we have our own food processing and distribution center 
  2. Regular visit by our team member to coach and guide
  3. Continuous support on new product development and system enhancement 
Hassle free in setting up Tenderfresh
  1. 100% support in store opening
  2. Guidance and coaching in managing 
  3. Training for on/off site support 

Franchisee requirement

  • Personal participation in operating the business
  • Passionate with the drive to grow together with us
  • Aligned with the goals of our company mission statement in delivering of real good food
  • Ready for an exciting challenge
  • Entrepreneurial attitude, creativity and the ability to make sound business decision
The Franchise information on our website represents only a brief overview of the TenderFresh franchise program. If you meet our required qualifications, we will be happy to discuss your particular project,situation and degree of interest

Our Franchise Recruitment Process

  1. Request of potential franchisee information online
  2. Submit Franchise Application   
  3. Arrange for a meet up session 
  4. Sign of Letter of Confirmation  
  5. Prospect to conduct Local Research
  6. Secure a Location and build the store
  7. Sign Franchise Agreement 
  8. Training support
The whole process will take approximately 4-6 months